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from the School of Art Institute of Chicago

Korean Student Association


Graphic Designer

I have created posters as a graphic designer for the following event:

  • 2019 Lunar New Year Celebration - The Year of Golden Pig

  • 2018 Lunar New Tear Celebration

  • Expression of the Korean Ethos: True-View Landscape of the Late Joseon Period (17th-20th Century)

Public Relation Team
Korean Student Association: Pro Gallery


Art Director

I took the role of an Art Director of the Korean Student Association's Dahm-So magazine team. I had two tasks throughout the year 2019; my first task was to create front and back cover, landing page, table of contents, and lead magazine team members to give design feedback for the other.

The year 2019's theme for Dahm-So magazine is "the emerging fusion and conflict of the old in the process of turning into new" I decided to use the comparison of the old TV's glitching effect as a background image and 3D rendered modern sculptural types for the following landing page to give a drastic impact.

Dahm So Magazine Team
Korean Student Association: Pro Gallery
Korean Student Association: Pro Gallery

Members of Dahm So Magazine Team Fall 2018 – Spring 2019


Solbi Park


Associate Editor

Jisoo You


Art Director

Victor Seung Ryul Lee



Seongmin An

Clair Choi

Sierra Sieun Jeong

Karen Jung

Jinny Soojin Kim

Kyle Se Hyung Kim

Roxy Kweon

Victor Seung Ryul Lee



Seongmin An

Dain Jung

Je-hyeon Kang

Jieun Lee

Yoonjoo Yoo

Members of Dahm So Magazine Team


Graphic Designer

A two-day symposium on “comfort women,” referring to women across Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Burma, and Indonesia who were sexually enslaved by the Imperial Japanese Army from 1932 to 1945.


The symposium will focus on the issues around “comfort women” in the context of international human rights with an emphasis on art and activism for social justice. A central question this symposium will address is: what role does art play in addressing collective trauma? The mission of the symposium is to emphasize artistic practices as a powerful cultural tool that directs public impact towards a transnational movement for human rights.

I proudly volunteered to devote and take a role as a graphic designer by creating the poster, banner, brochure, and magazine article for this meaningful symposium event hoping many people would aware and recognize about comfort women.

Necessary Discomfort: "comfort women" in Art & Activism
Korean Student Association: Pro Gallery