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Every project was created under fixed restrictions and limitations from particular courses.

The School of Art Institute of Chicago


Acrylic Puzzle Sculpture

Acrylic board, Styrene & ABS plastic solvent cement

“The frame of thought” is a visual representation of myself. 


The scope of application can be applied to “a person who has F-1 status like me as an international student”, "a person who was born in Korea but lives in the U.S.” or “a person is American, but is closely related to Korea."


The frame of the puzzle means a place where I belong physically or mentally. Language is a method of conveying my thoughts.


Each piece of puzzle is my idea. My thoughts and actions take place in my native and living environment. The thoughts are also transformed and refined according to differences in opinion that will be answered when shared with others. Or the idea could be contaminated by prejudice or perception that I am a foreigner who is non-American. 


Therefore, I have the ownership of my thoughts, but in a way, you have ownership of my thought as well because your thought will be influenced by my verbal expression.


I cannot predict how the link of different combinations would look like when one piece of my puzzle to another, then two pieces of different pieces are connected and combined with another thoughts within that frame, that is a location or a place as I defined above. That is why thoughts are dangerous in some ways, but they also possess unlimited possibilities on the other. 


The thickness of the puzzle may have made it easier for people to pick it up, but in other words, it is potential to thicken my thoughts in the frame and develop them into 3D beyond 2D. 


Although there are only two countries, flag of Korea and the flag of the United States in the puzzle, I hope to create, experience a wider frame of thoughts and develop them into multi-dimensional ideas, not just staying in flat that has only 2 sides.


Now I grant the permission to take a fragment of my thought, a piece of puzzle, and find a specific position to locate it into my frame of thought to you who are reading this description. It is up to your decision to locate it within my frame of thought.


I will look forward you to have new thoughts while you communicate with my piece of art by moving and positioning my thoughts.

The Frame of Thought - Sculpture
The School of Art Institute of Chicago: 갤러리


Foam Board Geometric Sculpture
Colored Papers, Foam Board, Spray Mount

The sculpture, "Laws of Nature" was ideated to find the bond between known and unknown natural phenomena by portraying the greatness of nature that has irregularly connected to each other.  As human being tries to possess and control the resources from the earth, I created an interactive space to recognize ourselves as human being is at the top of the creatures only when natural support is active.

Laws of Nature - Sculpture
The School of Art Institute of Chicago: 갤러리


Poster Design

The poster Architecture Lecture Series was one of the projects for the Intermediate Typography course to play with type and color.

Architecture Lecture Series - Poster
The School of Art Institute of Chicago: 갤러리


Artist Exhibition Poster Design

The poster for artist Tomio Miki's art exhibition was one of the projects from the Beginning Graphic Design course to play with type and image. I used his sculpture piece known as "50 Fragments of Ear" as a background image for poster.

Tomio Miki - 50 Fragments of Ear - Poster
The School of Art Institute of Chicago: 갤러리


Art Sale Event Application

Poster and postcard are designed for 30th Annual Holiday Art Sale at SAIC 2019

30th Annual Holiday Art Sale - Poster, Postcard