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I am currently working as a full-time visual designer to create print and web-ready materials including flyers, brochures, catalogs, and infographics.
And I have provided 3D rendered images through the CAD tool, Fusion 360, that was used for web product images and acrylic displays before mass production, and spatial arrangements before the upcoming cosmetic show.

SM Beauty


In SM Beauty, I have rendered various amount of cosmetic products for the following brand: Sistar, HerMINE, Touchdown, Blackpink.

SM Beauty: Pro Gallery


The merchandise display happens to be a special presentation of the products of a store that is used to attract and even entice consumers. The nature of these displays can vary between industries, but all merchandise displays will be based on various basic principles that were designed to help increase purchases.

SM Beauty: Pro Gallery


In 2019, Our brand Sistar participated in the Cosmo Prof Cosmetics show that was held in Las Vegas with 20 square feet space.
In the process of designing this space, I have considered the path of visitors approaching or passing by our booth and get to see all the products without forcing them to.

SM Beauty: 갤러리